Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2019

Meghan Markle told to be careful over shock decision – ‘What on Earth is going on?’ | Royal | News

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is believed to be planning to guest edit Vogue’s September issue but royal commentators have now claimed the Duchess has been offered a monthly column to discuss her charitable pursuits. Royal expert Melanie Bromley however warned Meghan against the offer to avoid falling with the press and the public. The E! News chief correspondent said: “I would question this decision, the reason being that if any member of the Royal Family shows a preference towards one media outlet, it can get the others’ noses out of joint.

“That would be quite difficult but it wouldn’t be unusual. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie both have had jobs, full-time jobs in some cases, but questions would then come up as far as ‘are you using your position? are your going to get paid for it?’ And where is that money going to go?”

Meghan Markle and have come under fire recently after royal accounts revealed the couple had used £2.4 million in public money to refurbish their home in Windsor, .

Ms Bromley continued: “It does make me think of Harry and his Apple deal with – is he getting paid for that? Is that money also going into his pockets? There are some very interesting questions for Meghan and Harry.

“I would love to be in a meeting with their strategist working out what on Earth is going on. It’s definitely a different game with Meghan and Harry.”


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also taken flack over their increasing demands for privacy from both the public and the media.

The couple, who are known to be very mindful of their private time with their son Archie, have been for their decision to keep tight control over details of the baby’s christening on July 6.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan has been in talks with Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour about writing a monthly column to discuss her charity work. 

While Meghan and Harry regularly use their Sussex Royal Instagram account to promote and share details about their charity work, a column written by Meghan would be breaking new ground.

Meghan was last month believed to have taken up an offer to guest edit the September edition of the fashion magazine.

The Duchess would not be the first member of the Royal Family to collaborate with Vogue as her sister-in-law , starred on the cover for the magazine’s centenary edition in 2016. 

“You’ve made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy.

“Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep laughing and taking risks, and keep being the change you wish to see in the world.”

The Tig was clearly a project close to Meghan’s heart and she described it as “an outlet for me to start conversation candidly.”

While the Duchess has not been published since her marriage to Harry, a column for Vogue could be a chance for her to reignite her old passion.

Meghan and Harry are scheduled to travel to South Africa this autumn for their first royal tour with baby Archie.

The Meghan Markle photo shoot and first feature are understood to be planned for the September issues of the UK and USA editions of Vogue.

A source told the Express that the Duchess had been offered the cover but declined so she would not take attention away from the causes she wants to feature.

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